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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

vocabulary 5

Vocabulary way to study
The definitions are hidden.use the select tool like you are copying a phrase...but go over where the definition would be...for example 2-two. do you get it? there is a period at the end of the definitions...the words after the periods are their parts of speech.
Complaisant - Eager to please.adjective

Mellow- Easygoing.adjective

Intrepid- fearless..adjective

Brazen - shameless and bold.adjective

Assertive- confident;forceful.adjective

Docile- gentle;tame.adjective

Pacific- peaceful; calm.adjective

Flamboyant- flashy;vivid (gay).adjective

Strident- harsh; shrill .adjective

unabashed - not embarrassed.adjective

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