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Friday, June 7, 2013

Sugyot final study guide

Melachot Shabbat:
Definition of melacha: Creating Something
Translate each melacha:
1.      הזורע
Sowing (planting)
2.      והחורש
3.      והקוצר
Harvesting(cutting, reaping)
4.      והמעמר
Binding Sheaves
5.      והדש
6.      והזורה
7.      הבורר
8.      הטוחן
9.      והמרקד
10.  והלש
11.  והאופה
12.  הגוזז את הצמר
Shearing Wool
13.  המלבנו
14.  והמנפצו
15.  והצובעו
16.  והטווה
17.  והמיסך
18.  והעושה שתי בתי נירין
Making 2 letters
19.  והאורג שני חוטין
Weaving 2 threads
20.  והפוצע שני חוטין
Separating 2 threads
21.  הקושר
Tying knots
22.  והמתיר
23.  והתופר שתי תפירות
Sewing 2 stitches
24.  הקורע על מנת לתפור [שתי תפירות]
Tearing to sow 2 stitches
25.  הצד צבי
Hunting a deer
26.  השוחטו
27.  והמפשיטו
Flaying it
28.  המולחו
Salting it
29.  והמעבד את עורו
Curing skin
30.  והממחקו
31.  והמחתכו
Cutting it up
32.  הכותב שתי אותיות
Writing 2 letters
33.  והמוחק על מנת לכתוב שתי אותיות
Erasing in order to write 2 letters
34.  הבונה
35.  והסותר
36.  המכבה
37.  והמבעיר
38.  המכה בפטיש
Striking with hammer (fixing)
39.  המוציא מרשות לרשות
Carrying from one domain into another

2. Divide the Melachot into 4 categories, name them and note the first and last from every category:
A. Process of making bread (1-11)
B. Making clothing from wool (12-24)
C. Creating parchment (25-31)
D. Miscellaneous (32-28)

3. Definition of אב: Category (father) of melachot done in mishcan
Definition of תולדה; Subcategory (son): they relate to אב but weren’t done in mishcan

4. Examples:

איזה מלאכה?
אב תולדה או איסור דרבנן?
Watering a plant
Sowing plant/ הזורע
Opening umbrella
Cleaning a stain on a shirt
Washing/ המלבנו
Killing a mosquito
Slaughter/ השוחטו
Heating soup on stove
Baking/ והאופה
תולדה/ לבשל אב
Cutting nails
Shearing / הגוזז את הצמר
Writing one letter
Writing/ כתוב
Turning on a light bulb, (flame)
Kindling / והמבעיר
Carrying when no Eruv
Carrying (1 domain)/ המוציא מרשות לרשות
Picking leaves from tree
Harvesting/ והקוצר
Pumping up a flat tire
Fixing / המכה בפטיש
Grinding garlic
Grinding/ הטוחן

When a Melacha is done, what is the condition that it becomes a Torah (Deoreita) violation? Use the exact term and explain it:  מלאכה מחשבIt's a planned melacha'

Explain each term, and note if a Melacha is done this way is it a Deoreita/ Derabanan / nothing:
 Doing a melacha in a weird way, Derabanan ,(key in sock)
,Derabanan Mistake),מלאכה מחשב, Forgetting Shabbos and turn light on(
,accidental (not realizing)Neither ,derabanan or deorita
מלאכה שאינה צריכה לגופה:
doingmelacha not for normal purpose (turn on light to attract bugs), Derabanan

Explain the following term, and how it influences this topic:
פסיק רישא:
 Story: child separates a chicken’s head, known result of doing something that’s allowed but has a side effect that you know of (open fridge with light on that you know of)

Give an example of a case when we would use one of these options purposely: for someone who is sick but not in deathly situation: שינוי:(allowed Derabanan)

Definition of cooking: Preparing food from nonedible to edible with heat (and wanted format)
How cooked does something need to get in order for it to be considered cooked and a violation of Shabbat? What is the term used for this? 1/3rd of way, בן דורסאי (robber dude)
What can or cannot be warmed up on Shabbat after being fully cooked, if it is now cold?  Dry food can be recooked Ex. Dry schnitzel, beef, chicken, potato kugel) אין בישול אחר בישול
Can’t: wet things, Ex: soup, gravy, liquids
What is needed to do with the Blech when you want to warm something up? : Relate to the following:
Problem 1: שמא יחתה: play with (you might change temperature)
Solution to problem 1: Cover knobs, remove knobs, or face blech towards wall
Problem 2: it looks like you may be breaking Shabas, מיחזי כמרשל
Solution to problem 2 - describe two opinions: clarify that it’s shabbastic, or cover flame ( rav moshe Feinstein) (rav adia yosef says it’s already shabbastic)
How hot does water need to be in order to cook something: יד סולודת בוּ (113 degrees Fahrenheit) too hot for hand  
What is the difference betweenכלי ראשון  and כלי שני?
כלי ראשון: Urn- where water boiled
כלי שני: next cup, (no time to cook)- not hot, cools faster
When is a כלי שלישי needed? Minor difference between כלי שני and כלי שלישי
ספּק קלי הבישול (in macklokets between the things that cook fast)

פיקוח נפש
What is allowed to be done in a life threatening situation? Any shabat related melachot, even torah
Who can do it? Preferably rabbi’s but anybody
חולה שיש בו סכנה: _sick with (life threatening) danger
חולה שאין בו סכנה: _sick without danger (indirect danger)
What is allowed for that case? Any derabanan (שינוי)
גזרת תרופות: No pills (derabanan) we are afraid that people will grind up their own pills

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